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  木兰社区医院有哪些医生哈尔滨省妇幼保健院妇产科Donny 在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是琼燕要问的:路痴。Donny:Hey琼燕! You went hiking over the weekend, right? How was it?QY:The view was breathtaking! 我跟朋友去了一个国家公园,可气的是,我们都是路痴,走错了好几回,1个小时的路足足走了3个小时!Im such a road idiot...Donny:Road idiot? (诡异的笑) Thats not how we say it! You can say, I have no sense of direction.QY:哦,direction 是方向,所以No sense of direction 就是没有方向感 - 路痴啦!Donny:Right! People with no sense of direction can easily get lost. 路痴经常迷路。QY:这说的不就是我么?下礼拜我们要开车去南京,一定又会迷路....哎,Donny, 你原来是不是在南京住过?Donny:Yep! I lived in Nanjing for 3 years. I know that city like the back of my hand.QY:Like the back of your hand? 了如指掌?Donny:Exactly! It basically means that I know Nanjing really well. You can also say:I know every nook and cranny of Nanjing.QY:Wait! Every nook and cranny? nook 一定是 n-o-o-k, 那 cranny 要怎么拼呢?Donny:Cranny is spelled c-r-a-n-n-y. When people say ;every nook and cranny,; theyre talking about every tiny corner and out-of-the-way place.QY:我明白了, every nook and cranny 就是所有边边角角,犄角旮旯。对了,既然你对南京这么熟,你一定要跟我们去!这样我们就不会走丢了。Donny:Sure! Id love to go back! Now lets see what youve learned today!QY:第一:形容路痴可以说:somebody has no sense of direction; 第二,对一个地方了如直掌,是 know somewhere like the back of ones hand; 也可以说 know every nook and cranny of a place. /201305/240530黑龙江妇女儿童医院做引产需要证明吗

  Todd: Miki, you went to UC Berkeley, a very famous university in the U.S. What is your university like? Why is it famous?托德:美琪,你大学上的是加州大学伯克利分校,这是美国一所非常有名的大学。你的大学怎么样?它为什么这么有名?Miki: Why is it famous? Well, I suppose historically its kind of famous, recent history, because it was a center for the freedom of speech movement in the 1960s and the civil rights movement, and its pretty much where multi-culturalism, feminist studies and those sorts of so called liberal political movements were born and theyre still quite strong today on campus and so students kind of get drawn to that, the political aspect of it I suppose, also the, its a research university and it attracts nobel laureates, very famous professors, at the top of their field, its also quite a beautiful campus, I love the campus, its not, its not, how do you say?美琪:它为什么有名?我想从历史上来看很有名,近代史上,因为这所大学是上世纪60年代自由言论运动和民权运动的中心,而且这所大学是多元文化、女性主义研究和自由政治运动的诞生地,现在这些元素在校园内的色也很浓重,所以学生们会接触到这些与政治相关的方面,这所大学是研究型学校,所以会吸引诺贝尔奖得主、各领域的著名教授,同时这所学校非常漂亮,我爱这所学校,并不是……你怎么看?Todd: Its not like maybe a college town, or?托德:不是大学城那种吗,还是……Miki: Ah, no, its not really a college town, of course, because its right smack in the middle of a metropolitan area which is the Bay Area, and just right across the bay from San Francisco. The natural scenery is quite beautiful. Theres the ocean to the west. There are mountains to the east and just beautiful gorgeous sunsets going down into the Golden Gate. The natural scenery is just beautiful, and the architecture of the campus is quite beautiful too, and apparently during the war, World War II, a number of tests were done on campus in terms of integrating floral species with each other, and so you have firs next to cedar which is a strange combination. The idea was would they kill each other.美琪:不是,实际上并不是大学城,因为学校恰好位于市区中心,位于海湾区,就位于旧金山海湾的对面。那里的自然风景很美。西面就是海洋。东部是山区,美妙的日落会落在金门上。那里的自然风景美极了,当然学校的建筑也很美,显然在第二次世界大战期间有很多试验在学校里进行,试验涉及互相整合花卉品种,所以首先就用了雪松,这真是个奇怪的结合。当时的想法是他们会互相杀害。Todd: Oh, Wow! Thats awful!托德:哦,哇!那太糟糕了!Miki: Yeah, no, so theres some scientific engineering going on on campus.美琪:对,学校里会有一些科学工程在进行。Todd: But the trees survived?托德:那那些树活了吗?Miki: Yes, as a matter of fact.美琪:事实上活了。Todd: Well, thats good. You cant fool nature.托德:哦,那不错。你不能愚弄自然。Miki: No. no, but it is a beautiful campus, and I went there for four years as an undergrad. I lived in the dormitory for the first year and I lived in the co-ops from the second through the fourth year and the co-ops are kind of a housing community thats owned by students, its run by students and is there for quite cheap so it attracts poor students who work, while they go to school at the same time, and thats who I was. I worked at a restaurant, I worked at a sandwich shop, I worked at a toy store, I worked as a secretary to put myself through school and lived quite cheaply in these co-ops which incidentally also had marvelous parties and almost every weekend there was some party somewhere that one of these co-ops was putting on, and it was really wonderful.美琪:嗯,不过那是个美丽的校园,我在那里上了四年本科。大一的时候我住在宿舍,大二到大四住在合作公寓,合作公寓就是学生拥有并运营的住宅社区,那里很便宜,所以吸引了许多勤工俭学的学生,而我也是其中之一。我在餐厅、三明治店和玩具店工作过,我还做过秘书,我用打工赚来的钱付学校的费用,而这些合作公寓的价钱非常低廉,还有盛大的派对,几乎每个周末公寓里都会举办派对,非常精。Todd: Wow! Sounds like a good time.托德:哇!听起来那是段开心的时光。Miki: Yeah!美琪:没错! /201406/303174黑龙江省哈尔滨十院收费好不好


  Who is it?是谁啊?Its Laurie.劳瑞。Sorry. I just had this new lock installed.对不起,我刚安了这个新锁。I didnt know where else to go.我没地方可去了。Oh, its okay. Come in.哦,没事,进来吧。This is twice now Ive ruined your evening.这是我第二次深夜打扰了。Come on. Im glad you came over. I was just gonna see Hollis for our weekly beer session.没事的。很高兴你能来找我。我正要去找Hollis,我们每周都有个啤酒聚会。Youre more than welcome to join. In fact, I insist.非常欢迎你哦。事实上,我要你来。Tell me about Rorschach. Why do you do that, Walter?跟我说说“罗夏”吧。为什么那么做,沃尔特?You want to know about Rorschach? I will tell you about Rorschach.想知道罗夏的事吗?我就告诉你罗夏的事。 /201210/205052哈医大四院肿瘤生物治疗中心网上预约系统

  哈市阿城妇幼保健院位址Todd: Nicola, you were talking to us the other day that you went diving in Australia.妮可拉,你要向我们讲讲前几天你在澳大利亚潜水的事儿?Nicola: Thats right I did.是的,没错。Todd: Wow, so what was it like?哇,潜水怎么样?Nicola: Well, actually it was quite scary to be honest. When I first started I did an introductory course, which was just maybe like two days. And so they just sent you out with all of the equipment, put you in the sea, and guided you, but then when I did the real course we started in the swimming pool, which was fine and it was all great fun, although there were two men on my course who completely freaked out and had to leave.实际上,老实说很吓人。我第一次潜水前,先听了基础入门课程,大约只有两天的课程。然后他们就给了我很多器材,带我下海,有教练指导我,在我们在游泳池实际演练的时候,一切正常而且很有趣,但我的班上有两名男学员吓坏了,他们最后只得退出。Todd: Oh!哦!Nicola: Yeah! so that was fine but then they took us out to sea which was a bit different. Yeah, because they made us set up our own equipment, I mean they still checked us and everything so we didnt die, but we had to put on our own equipment. We had a diving buddy who I was with, and I was with my friend Graham, who I was traveling with anyway, and we went down into the sea. We went down maybe fifteen meters. And they always say like Dont Panic just keep breathing normally and everything. But I did kind of panic a bit.是的!这些还好,但接下来教练带着我们下海就有些不同了。因为他们要求我们自己穿戴器材,他们仍然会检查我们的器材和其他所有事物,以确保我们不会死于非命,但我们需要自己穿戴调试器材,然后下海。我有一个潜水伙伴,我的朋友Graham,我当时正和他一起旅行,我们两个一起下海。我们下潜了15米。教练会说“不要害怕,保持正常呼吸”。但我还是有一点害怕。Todd: Oh, no!哦,不!Nicola: So then I rose to the surface really quickly, which you know, youre not supposed to do in diving. So I went up really quickly. Luckily we werent deep enough to do any damage but my diving buddy Graham was having a great time down there looking at shipwrecks and didnt even notice that I was missing.下海后我很快就浮上来了,这对于潜水来说不是个好现象。好在我很快又潜下去了。幸运的是我们潜得不深不会受伤,但我的潜水伙伴Graham潜下去探险沉船废墟,他甚至没发现我已经不见了。Todd: What a terrible guy!真是个差劲的伙伴!Nicola: Yeah, I know. so, then...是的,我知道,接下来……Todd: Wow! Did they fail him? I hope he failed the course?哇!教练给他挂科了吗?我认为他这门课不合格。Nicola: No, he passed. He paid enough money. He passed. But it meant that I couldnt go diving for the rest of the day cause I had gone down quite deep, so that was a shame, but.没有,他通过了。他交够了钱。他通过了。但这意味着我那天不能再下海潜水了,因为我已经潜得太深了,很遗憾。Todd: Thats terrible. But you didnt hurt yourself, you didnt come up to fast?这太糟糕了。但你没有伤害到你自己,你没有很快就浮上来?Nicola: No, I was fine in the end, but it was a shame because that was the end of my diving day. But we had a few more days to do it.没有,我后来表现很好,但那是我当天最后一次下水了。好在我们还有几天时间可以下海潜水。Todd: So now you are comfortable diving. You dont freak out anymore?所以说,你现在能自如地潜水。你不再害怕了?Nicola: I dont freak out anymore, but I couldnt go diving now on my own because it has been so long. Yeah!我不再害怕了,但我现在不能自己潜水,因为已经时隔很久了。注:译文属原创,,。 /201210/204425

  1. I enjoy watching TV.我喜欢看电视。还能这样说:I like to watch TV.I love watching TV.应用:enjoy a good reputation 有好声誉;enjoy privileges 享受特权;enjoy right 享有权利;enjoy benefit 享有利益;enjoy democracy 享有民主2. What kind of TV show do you like?你喜欢什么电视节目?还能这样说:What kind of TV show do you enjoy?What sort of TV show do you prefer?应用:give away the show 露马脚,泄露秘密;in open show 公然;in show 外表上,有名无实地;make a good show 好看,大出洋相3. What program got you hooked?什么节目这么吸引你?还能这样说:What program made you so concentrated?What program could intensely draw your attention?应用:by hook or by crook 千方百计;off the hook 脱离困境;on ones own hook 独立行动,单干;sling ones hook 溜走,逃走4. Is there anything worth watching on the channels now?现在有什么好看的节目吗?还能这样说:Are there any good programs on TV now?Are there any interesting programs on TV now?应用:of great worth 价值很高的;of litte worth 价值很少的,不足道的;of no worth 没有价值的;worth it 值得,有必要 /201309/255200哈尔滨省第六医院妇科通河县人流手术哪家医院最好的










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